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Daiwa Reel Oiler Needle Nose Daiwa Reel Oiler Needle Nose
In stock
Daiwa Reel Oiler Needle Nose The Daiwa needle nose oiler is perfect for applying to small moving parts and in awkward locations. Regular use will increase the performance and life time of the reel. Keeps reels in tip-top shape Handy one drop lube Convenient clip - carry it in your pocket Put it in your tackle box
ESP Gizmo Multi Purpose Rig Tool ESP Gizmo Multi Purpose Rig Tool
In stock
ESP Gizmo Multi Purpose Rig Tool The Gizmo rig tool is precision made in the U.K. from high-grade stainless steel. Its tapered shape provides three grooves for shaping different sized loops in stiff hooklink materials and coated braid. The thin tapered point is perfect for shaping D’s on chod rigs etc. A countersunk hole through the tool can be used for holding a hook when tightening knots and the…
Fox Edges Crimp Pliers Fox Edges Crimp Pliers
In stock
Fox Edges Crimp Pliers The Edges Crimp Pliers have been designed to work specifically with Edges Crimps to create a flared crimp allowing the loop to flow naturally out of the crimp. The pliers are tapered to create the perfect flare for each crimp size whilst ensuring a consistent and strong fixing. They also feature cutting edges and gripping jaws making them useful in many aspects of rig making…
Fox Edges Deluxe Baiting Needle Set Fox Edges Deluxe Baiting Needle Set
In stock
Fox Edges Deluxe Baiting Needle Set Five-piece needle set that features everything you need Comprises Stix & Stringer, Fine, Heavy, Gated and Splicing needles
Korda Carp Care Kit Korda Carp Care Kit
In stock
Korda Carp Care Kit An essential piece of kit for treating injured fish following a capture. Useful for treating a wide variety of wounds and containing two products. An ulcer swab antiseptic to clean the area and a natural antibiotic which when applied over cleaned and dried ulcers form a protective waxy seal. Many venues now insist on you carrying one of these with you when fishing. Features ULC…
Korda Chod It Tool Korda Chod It Tool
In stock
Korda Chod It Tool The Chod-It is the perfect choice for creating the perfect shaped loop in stiff hook link materials, especially for chod rigs and stiff hinged rigs. It is made a green-coloured, anodised aluminium, with a tapered body which allows you to create perfect round loops of any size, either where your stiff rig material connects to a swivel, or for teasing D-rigs on the hook into the p…
Korda Kutter Korda Kutter
£9.99 - £10.99
In stock
Korda Kutter The Korda Kutter is a tool designed to slice boilies in half, you simply scoop a tube full of boilies then push them through the tube with the plunger provided, the boilies come out the end cut into 2. The Korda Kutter is available in 3 sizes: 16mm, 20mm,25mm Simply select the size to suit the boilies your using. Chopped boilie can be a great feed around your hookbait, the irregular s…
Korda Propolis Fish Care Korda Propolis Fish Care
In stock
Korda Propolis Fish Care Propolis is a topical treatment used to help seal fish ulcers, open wounds on both the mouth and body and damaged fins. Propolis is a waxy substance produced by bees to protect against infection. Propolis is supplied as a thick, dark brown liquid for easier application and lasting protection when fish are introduced back into water. spread over cleaned and dried ulcers and…
Korda Rig Spools Korda Rig Spools
In stock
Korda Rig Spools These Rig Spools have been designed to store zig rigs and chod rigs, and will neatly fit inside the Korda Tackle Box They are made from high density foam, so your hook point can be pushed into the spool to hold the rig securely in place, without fear of damaging the point, and the other end is trapped via a pin (12 supplied with each pack). Each Rig Spool will comfortably hold up…
Korda Ulcer Swab Korda Ulcer Swab
In stock
Korda Ulcer Swab As part of our aim to ensure that fish go back in at least as good a condition as when they were hooked, if not better, we came up with the Ulcer Swab liquid. A lot of the focus is on products for treating hook damage to the mouth, but this product is also perfect for use on abrasions, ulcers and other wounds anywhere on the body of the fish. Ulcer Swab is designed to clean and di…
Nash Forceps Nash Forceps
In stock
Nash Forceps Universal stainless forceps with Teflon coating, soft touch rubber grips and 30mm teeth for secure grip to remove hooks of all sizes – from carp rigs to trebles.
Nash Pinpoint Dual Diamond File Nash Pinpoint Dual Diamond File
In stock
Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Dual Diamond File The perfect introduction to hand sharpening the coarser 400 grade file is used for honing and shaping the point, the reverse side has a finer 600 grade stone for polishing the point for a smooth finish, removal of burrs and re-touching hooks to pinpoint sharpness following a capture.
RidgeMonkey ProCare Fishcare Soloution RidgeMonkey ProCare Fishcare Soloution
In stock
RidgeMonkey ProCare Fishcare Soloution Created exclusively for RidgeMonkey by a team of Europe’s most respected fish care specialists, ProCare is an ideal fishcare solution for all freshwater fish and suitable for use on mouth, body and fins. A natural product used extensively in the koi rearing industry, Propolis creates a waterproof seal over ulcers, open wounds, lifted scales and hookhold marks…


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