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Drennan Buoyant Maggots Drennan Buoyant Maggots
In stock
Drennan Buoyant Maggots Our expertise in plastics man­u­fac­turing has enabled us to come up with a superb, soft, durable, life-like and buoyant compound, which makes for a bril­liant arti­fi­cial hook bait! Our arti­fi­cial Buoyant Maggots have now accounted for an incred­ible number of big tench, bream and carp. They rep­resent truly excel­lent value for money and are deadly when used crit­ic­al…
Dynamite Frenzied Luncheon Meat Dynamite Frenzied Luncheon Meat
In stock
Dynamite Frenzied Luncheon Meat Made using ultra-low fat meat, which is super durable for hair-rigging or hooking direct. Great for cutting into cubes for match fishing or just ripping off a chunk when fishing for bigger fish. The meat comes in vacuum sealed packs to retain freshness. Ultra low-fat meat Quick sinking Durable for hair-rigging or hooking direct Packed with real krill flavour to attr…
Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers F1 Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers F1
In stock
Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers F1 A super attractive, high leakage, hook pellets which are soft enough to slide easily on to the hook but tough enough to stay on it even when casting at distance. Can be used on the waggler, pole or feeder and bomb these pellets can also be pushed onto a hair rig as well as using them directly on the hook as a hookbait pellet Available in five different flavour…
Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers Marine Halibut Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers Marine Halibut
£3.65 - £4.85
In stock
Dynamite Swim Stim Durable Hookers Marine Halibut Innovative new pellet technology packed with water soluble food attractants great for the feeder, pole or waggler ultra-durable – Hook direct or on the hair great for commercial match fishing, pleasure fishing and river fishing NEW for 2019, a high-oil, marine halibut flavour version of the popular SwimStim Durable Hooker match range for match, ple…
Mainline Match Dumbell Wafters Mainline Match Dumbell Wafters
In stock
Mainline Match Dumbell Wafters The 8 & 10mm Dumbell Wafters are perfect for use with a Hair-Rigged bait band, giving you a hookbait that is critically balanced with a size Guru 12 QM1 hook. The semi-buoyant nature of these hookbaits lightens the weight of a hook, and ensures the hook itself is presented in a manner to give you the best chance of hook-ups. The balanced buoyancy of these baits mean…
Mainline Match Luncheon Meat Mainline Match Luncheon Meat
In stock
Mainline Match Luncheon Meat The Mainline Match Luncheon Meat is quite simply like no other, raising the bar with attraction levels, colour and flavour options – all combined into a Luncheon Meat produced at the perfect texture for a multitude of fishing bait presentations! The historic use of Luncheon Meat as a fishing bait is probably as long as its availability is wide. So oddly the task of cre…
Mainline Salty Squid Balanced Wafters Mainline Salty Squid Balanced Wafters
In stock
Mainline Salty Squid Balanced Wafters Our new ‘Wafter’ hookbaits have been designed and extensively tested to provide the modern-day angler the ability to create ‘critically-balanced’ hookbait presentations – quickly and easily. Simply thread the hookbait onto a Hair Rig and the weight of the rig hook will counterbalance the slow sinking buoyancy of the ‘Wafter’ perfectly! Combined with the High I…
Sonubaits BandUm Wafter Sonubaits BandUm Wafter
In stock
Sonubaits BandUm Wafters Wafters have been used by specimen anglers for many years. Wafters were first introduced by Sonubaits 2014 in smaller sizes to appeal to match anglers. Since then flavours and colours have changed but the principle remains the same. A wafter should float, but sink slowly with the weight of a hook attached. This critically balances the wafter and makes it waft. Because it w…
Sonubaits One to One Paste Sonubaits One to One Paste
In stock
Sonubaits One to One Paste Mixing traditional paste has never been easy, but One to One Paste solves this problem, providing the perfect paste mix every single time thanks to the simplest of formulas, just add one pot of water to one pot of powdered paste mix. Available in nine great flavours, every bag also comes supplied with a free Preston Innovations Paste Pot, an essential addition to an angl…
Sonubaits Pellet Os Hookbaits Sonubaits Pellet Os Hookbaits
In stock
Sonubaits Pellet O's Hookbaits Sonubaits Pellet O's, pre drilled requiring no preparation needed they're ready to use straight out of the pot. Can be secured with a either Quickstop or Hair Rigged. Each pack contains enough hookbaits for a good number of sessions and also comes with extenda stops making it the complete grab and go hookbait pack. Features Pre-drilled, high protein, high oil hard pe…
Sonubaits Pro Paste Sonubaits Pro Paste
In stock
Sonubaits Pro Paste A fine, user-friendly paste mix Contains a high fishmeal content Available in Original (brown), Green & Red Pro Paste has been developed alongside our team of consultants including keen paste anglers Andy Findlay, Joe Carass and Adam Rumble to offer a top-level paste mix designed for the serious paste angler. Fine in texture with fantastic binding qualities that allow it to be…


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