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Mainline Smart Liquid Mainline Smart Liquid
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Mainline Smart Liquid Much more than a liquid food, much more than a liquid attractor, Smart Liquid is ‘intelligent’. Water is the catalyst to Smart Liquid infiltrating it’s underwater environment; throughout the bottom substrate horizontally then climbing vertically, impregnating the entire water column with advanced compounds or free aminos, palatants and highly stimulatory trace elements. Simpl…
Nash Citruz Plume Juice Nash Citruz Plume Juice
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Nash Citruz Plume Juice The last word in hookbait enhancement, combining the world famous Citruz fruit ester, talin and essential oil blend unique to Nashbait with our fishery friendly high-viz Plume Juice formula. Applied to pop ups, boilies, foam, PVA sticks or even floaters Citruz Plume Juice hazes the water for an incredible visual and taste feeding trigger that brings bites in the toughest of…
Nash Citruz Spod Syrup Nash Citruz Spod Syrup
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Nash Citruz Spod Syrup Combining the same powdered and liquid attractors as in the deadly Citruz® boilies and pop ups but in a highly soluble, super sweet PVA friendly liquid that instantly boosts the taste and attraction in your swim. Use to surface coat Citruz Pellets, Boilies and Flake, or damp down stick mixes for optimum stimulation in cold water with minimum feed. Citruz Syrup contains low l…
Nash Scopex Squid Hookbait Spray 100ml Nash Scopex Squid Hookbait Spray 100ml
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Nash Scopex Squid Hookbait Spray 100ml Formulated to soak into the skin of any hookbait for maximum attraction and then offer fast leak off in all water temperatures for extra takes in tough conditions. Boosts boilies, pop ups, particles, wafters, plastic, floater and zig hookbaits. 100ml bottle.
Nash Scopex Squid Syrup 1Ltr Nash Scopex Squid Syrup 1Ltr
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Nash Scopex Squid Syrup 1Ltr PVA friendly and designed to maximise feeding signals both above your baited area and on the lake bed, Nashbait’s syrups are the natural, food rich bulk booster liquid for spod mixes, bag fillings, boilies and floaters that bring more and faster action. No limit to inclusion.


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