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Leads & Back Leads

Avid Back Leads 3pk Avid Back Leads 3pk
In stock
Avid Back Leads 3pk Complete with adjustable clips, these Back Leads allow anglers to set the tension they require between the clip and lead In order to allow anglers to drop or retain their back lead depending on their angling situation. Pack of x3 back leads Options: 0.25oz/7g 0.5oz/14g 1.1oz/31g 1.5oz/43g
Avid Flat Pear Swivel Leads Multi Pack x10 Avid Flat Pear Swivel Leads Multi Pack x10
In stock
Avid Flat Pear Swivel Leads Multi Pack x10 The Outline Leads feature our unique Outline camouflage coating, which perfectly complements the Outline End Tackle range. The coating is super-durable with a matt finish and disappears on any lake bed. Great for short and medium range fishing Low profile design Features even weight distribution Qty: x10 leads
Fox MK2 Captive Back Leads Fox MK2 Captive Back Leads
In stock
Fox MK2 Captive Back Leads Perfect for angler who wishes to keep their line concealed Patented line clip allows for smooth line release Heavier options allow you to fish with tighter lines for better indication Supplied on own winder Comes supplied with 10m highly-visual orange cord Cord freely dispenses from winder
Korda Bait Up Method Feeders Korda Bait Up Method Feeders
In stock
Korda Bait Up Method Feeders The Method is something which is often overlooked when it comes to targeting larger carp, but it can be an extremely effective way of targeting fish of all sizes – and not just carp, as it works for specimen bream, tench, chub and barbel as well. This is an improved version of our original Bait-Up feeder, with a tri-lobe design and with one of these ‘fins’ being heavie…
Korda Flying Backleads Korda Flying Backleads
In stock
Korda Flying Backleads These are an updated version of our original Safe Zone Flying Back Leads and have been redesigned so that they can be used with either mono or braid. The Flying Back leads are designed so that they come back up your main line during the cast and help to pin as much line as possible to the lake bed. A clever slotted insert allows them to be removed from your line simply by tw…
Korda Intelligent Backleads Korda Intelligent Backleads
In stock
Korda Intelligent Backleads When you need to pin your line to the lake, river or canal bed all the way from your rod tip to your rig – either to avoid spooking fish or deal with boat traffic – then the Intelligent backlead is the ideal choice. The clip on it allows it to be attached using just one hand, and helps ensure that it ends up in the right place when allowed to freely slide down the line,…
Korda Pronged Marker Leads Korda Pronged Marker Leads
In stock
Korda Pronged Marker Leads These are the ultimate leads for feature finding and will give you more ‘feel’ than anything else on the market. The Marker Lead features four prongs to enhance the feeling that you get as your drag it across the bottom, and if it glides back towards you then you know that the area is very clean and hard. They are uncoated, which also helps increase feedback to the rod t…


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